Pixel star Christmas Tree Toppers


Product Overview:

  • The tree topper brings a really great addition to any Christmas tree and makes a perfect gift for any gamer.
  • This is a 3D pixel star inspired by the classic Super Mario game to add flair to your Christmas tree!
  • These 3D Pixel Star decorations are a great geeky inspired gift.They can be hung on top Christmas tree.Any retro gamer fan would be lucky to get one in their stocking this year.
  • Finishes off Xmas tree perfectly. Would recommend this to anyone who Appreciates Retro Gaming or even just likes the look if it.
  • You can even just simply display this on your shelf after the holidays for nerdy nostalgia. It's safe to place a light inside to add a gentle glow, it won't melt!

Product Information:

PRODUCT SIZE:15cm*15cm*3cm

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