Chairs Stacking Tower Balancing Game(3 box)


Product Overview:

The more chairs the more fun, 95 percent of people bought three or more.

Children can practice their hand-eye coordination and hand-on skills A great developmental toy for beginners.

kid play the stacking chairs

package:A box of about 18 small chairs

· Stacking chairs is a fun family game. There are so many ways to stack the chairs and the game is much harder than it looks.

· This board game is for players of all ages! The game develops creative thinking, cooperation, and fine motor skills!

· Each player takes a turn stacking the chairs, focusing on balancing and position to prevent the front of the chair from falling down.

· Training child's coordinates observance ability to think, sense capacity, visual and grasp capacity, etc.

· Cleverly designed, entertaining multiple children to play at a time, Promotes friendship, communication, and logic between players. Suit for home, nursery, playroom, schools, travel, and another child-friendly play area.

· It adds a festive and cheery element to your kid's parties and events, they can mix and match colors or trade with friends, and have a totally enjoyable party time experience

· Great gift or party favor for kids.

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