Early childhood education six-sided box, puzzle shape matching building block toy


Product Overview:

5-sided event box (Huanger)

- Popular toys Best developmental toys
- Suitable for children aged 6 months or more or who can sit
- Helps develop auditory, visual, imaginative and problem solving.
- Quality plastic material for the brand Huanger - Dream World especially.
- With an on / off switch
- Use 3 AA batteries
- Activity box size (Width x Length x Height) 16 * 16 * 16 cm.
- The size of the drop block is about 3.5-5.5 cm.

5-sided activity box :
1. The piano has a total of 4 keys (Doremifa) for children to play with music / music.

2. Clock side can teach the children about time with this side. There is also a gear for children to turn, and a small mirror for them to see themselves.

3. For the vehicle block, there are 3 blocks, plane / sailboat / car for children to practice putting on the block.

4. The ABC block has a total of 4 blocks, it is the other A, B, C, D for children to practice drops as well.

5. There are 4 blocks in all shapes side, including circle, square, triangle, star shape for children to practice meditation by dropping blocks. When finished playing You can store the drop block in this activity box.

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