Hummingbird Feeder



Simply the BEST hummingbird feeder you will ever own. Unique horizontal design attracts more hummingbirds. No "filler jar" to block your view. Bright red transparent poly-carbonate tube avoids the need to add dye to mixture. Also get visits from Hooded Orioles, Acorn Woodpeckers and Yellow-rumped Warblers. Hanging Loops included.
Very easy to clean - just shoot a garden hose through it. Super smooth and slick interior has no crevices that can harbor mold.

Can also be installed with shepherd's hooks (not included) see photos
Or mounted below a window with closet rod brackets (not included) see photo

Lovingly handcrafted in USA. Free shipping
I won't be shipping new orders until April 4th 2021. I'm waiting for some Covid-delayed supplies to arrive. I will ship before April 4th should supplies arrive. Thanks for your understanding. I usually ship within 3 days.

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