Interactive Windmill Cat Toy




😻 Safe and soft material: Made with eco-friendly, durable, non-toxic, and tear-resistant thermoplastic rubber (TRP).

😻Cat’s anxiety reducer: Turning the windmills reduces anxiety levels in cats.

😻Easy to play: It's the 360-degree rotation that engages the cat towards it for hours. Will Spin At a Very Light Touch

😻Toothbrush Functions: Soft bristles in the center help to slow the formation of tartar and avoid the onset of dental problems when the cat chews on it.

😻Strong suction cup design at the bottom: It can stand upright and will not fall to the ground for up to 24 hours. 

Don't let your cats get bored when you're away!

This new windmill toy relieves the cat's stress and makes them cheerful, lively and happy.

Worried about the loneliness and boredom of the cat when not around them? Then put all worries aside and buy this Interactive Windmill Cat Toy.

It not only relieves anxiety but also makes the cat cheerful, lively and happy during the complete playing session.


face and hair brush

Teeth Cleaning

Place catnips or bells

Soft and safe material

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The soft bulge on the kitten toy can be used for cat to scratch face or teeth.

Cat Chew Toys

You can put cat's toothpaste or food on the bulge to let your cat bite this interactive cat toy which will improve cat's molar health.

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