Orgone Energy Pendant Necklace Orgonite Crystal Necklace



Product Overview:

Retro Reiki Healing Colorful Chips Stone Natural Chakra Orgone Energy Pendant Necklace Pendulum Amulet Orgonite Crystal Necklace.

Pendant Size: approx 60x10mm, long dangle pendant


  • Protect against electromagnetic “smog” (i.e. cell phones, computers, etc)
  • Protect against radiation
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Enhances Meditation
  • Raises your consciousness
  • Made of Genuine Material
  • Contains genuine crystals and stones
  • Used Reich’s Technology

The Ogan Energy absorbs the negative energy around it for 24 hours and converts it into positive energy. The biggest effect of Ogan is to convert the negative energy into positive energy, and it will never stop. Moreover, Ogan can also launch your ideas to the universe in the creation of dreams. With positive "beliefs", Ogan can create positive energy and bring abundance and joy to your side.

Orgonite Vibes' powerful Orgonite Crystal Necklace helps to filter and balance the energy field in our environment, and can be used by converting low-frequency energy into higher frequencies (which is more beneficial to life forms including yourself, pets and plants) Strengthen your energy body.

✔ Our energy generator Orgonite is made with the same technology as Wilhelm Reich's Orgone accumulator.

✔ 100% certified pure materials-exquisite black tourmaline stone, copper, brass, polyester resin, crystal dots and other specific vibration stones.

✔ It is a powerful mental tool that can be used to improve all aspects of your life-body, spirit, emotion and spirit · It can be described as a general light energy emitter, also known as source energy, ether and zero point energy . Black tourmaline is one of the crystals with the best protective effect.

✔ The concentrated metal matrix for repairing chakras, including quartz crystals and other combinations of crystals and stones that can remove energy. These crystals absorb negative energy and convert it into positive energy, thereby stimulating the body to repair itself.

✔ Before casting, crystals and gems have been flooded with positive intentions. They are also stained by the energy that clears the white saints. Mu dirt is an ancient Native American tradition used to remove negative energy. During the curing process, Orgonite injects harmonic tones to help balance the natural frequencies of the human body.

✔ A lot of positive energy-just hold or close to these devices, you will feel a lot of positive energy. This is also called Chi, Prana and zero point energy.

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