Plant Grow Light


Product Overview:
  • Grow light can be timed to 3, 6, 12 hours as the plant needs, bringing enough but suitable brightness to your plant. With auto on/off function. Plant light will be restarted automatically the next day without manual operation.
  • LED growing lamp can provide 10 brightness level. You also can choose one, two or three lamps on.
  • Grow light has a strong desk clip, and 3 bendable gooseneck between the clip and the lights which you can move the light to the position you need.
  • Vogek Grow light can offer full spectrum. The plant bulbs are replaceable, so you can replace new bulb instead of buying a new light when the life time of bulb is end.
  • Our plant growing light is made of 144LED beads, which can provide strongand uniform intensity of light to plants. This Grow lamp has more larger lighting area.

POWG-346-S Growing Lamp Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants with Display Screen Timer grow light for plant black grow light for light grow light
POWG-346-S POWG-356-B POWG-358-S POWG-357-S POWG-359-S
Spectrum Red & Blue Spectrum Full Spectrum Full Spectrum Full Spectrum Full Spectrum
LED Beads 192 192 144 144 144
Power 96W 96W 72W 72W 72W
Switch Modes 4 Modes 4 Modes 3 Modes 3 Modes 3 Modes
Color Silver Silver Silver Black Silver
Bulbs 4-Heads 4-Heads 3-Heads 3-Heads 3-Heads

plant light

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