If you’re worried about your little one’s sleep irregularly, here are some ways you can encourage your child to sleep through the night. 

1.Use blackout curtains in the nursery. The darker the bedroom, the easier it will be for your child to sleep. If the room remains dark, your child might sleep later in the mornings. 

2.Play lullaby music or use a white noise machine. Using a sound machine in the nursery can help soothe your baby to sleep and mask any unwanted noises throughout the night. 

3.Maintain a consistent bedtime routine. Try to come up with a simple bedtime routine (such as bath, brush teeth, read, and rock in a chair) and maintain that same routine every night. Bedtime should be at the same time every day, and the nightly routine should be done in the same way. You can write down your routine so that other caregivers can follow along as well. 

4.Emphasize the contrast between day and night. Make daytime full of light, noise, and excitement. Open the windows to let sunlight in. Go on walks around the neighborhood. Play games and sing songs together. On the other hand, make night time a calm, peaceful time. Dim the lights, put away loud and stimulating toys, and engage in calm activities such as bath time, baby massage, or doing puzzles. This will help your baby understand the difference between day and night and might make it easier for her to fall asleep. 

Trying out some of these pointers might just give your little one the boost he needs to sleep longer periods at night!

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